Laiday Refill 1


Location: Sài Gòn

For those who live in bustling towns, “Go home” is spending precious time with their family. For those who work far away from his homeland, “Go home” is the feeling of returning to their birthplace after years. Or it is simply a moment back to our childhood playing on the playground with scattering mounds, under the shade covered by bamboo trees. From there, we can again gaze the sunlight filtering through green leaves, and run towards the glowing areas far from the road. These early suggestions are the premise for proposing a space for displaying eco-friendly products.

Located quietly at the end of an alleyway of a complex commercial area, with 17m2 renovated from an old car garage, the client needs to lay out not only an area for presenting products and storing, but also an educational hub that raises human consciousness for nature. Together with the spacious image of the bamboo forest, the architects proposed a structure of eight arch frames in slightly different sizes, orienting the view toward the natural light from the only window that we had had from the beginning. The distance between one frame’s leg to the others was studied carefully in order to have the specialized glass refill jar well-arranged while not disturbing the available openings from the original context. The supporting element is designed not only to keep the slenderness of bamboo leaves but also to ensure the hardness to support at least 50kgs per each tempered glass panel.

From a distance, a vivid light can be seen leading into the interior of the arches, interwoven by layers of transparent shelves supported by stylized steel supporters. The raw material is continuously covered from the floor to storage shelves and reception base, which look like undulating soil of a naturally flat, uneven soil. All these elements create a space in which the feeling of "Go home" is evoked in each person when stepping in./.