AnhViet Kindergarten


Location: Sài Gòn

The Preschool group model gradually becomes common in Vietnam urban areas nowadays. Mostly built on a small plot or converted from a typical tube house, this model often confronts with some challenges in the quality of learning space and the allocation of playground for children.

Located at the junction of a small quiet residential area in District 12, the investor wished to set up a group of 4 classes, combined with their own living space on the top floor. The challenge of the project is how to balance the classroom area as well as other demands for a preschool, while ensure the outdoor playground - where stimulates activities and interactions between children.

Inspired by the renowned animation movie "Laputa – Castle in the Sky" by Studio Ghibli - we want to create “a floating school” and leave the below area for soft activities such as playing area, office, medical room... Taking the advantage of two frontages, the floating blocks were studied to be able to maximize the intensity of interior light for the learning spaces. From a distance, the whole architecture looks interestingly like a giant colorful toy among residential clusters.

The graphic design, suggested by the works of Dutch artist M.C.Escher, attempts to achieve the essential vibrancy for children in the Kindergarten. Different from the conservative approach of adults, the visualization of children goes beyond our thoughts and expectations. The abstract, vague images are where the children are freely roaming to integrate their soul into their own fantasy world./.